Red Teaming

Red teaming is designed to deliver an engagement tailored to your organization. Tasked with gaining access to critical assets on your network, it provides you with the opportunity to test fully your company’s ability to detect, protect, and respond efficiently to an attack.

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Why It’s Important

Our goal in a red teaming engagement is to simulate real world threat actors, utilizing weaknesses in any aspect of your organization – including your networks, applications, people, and the physical security of your facilities.

Red team assessments have a broader scope than a traditional penetration test, with a focus on gaining access to resources critical to your business. A Red Team exercise will enable an organization to discover real-world vulnerabilities and their consequences.

What We Offer

A red teaming exercise can be thought of as a compilation of our advanced core services into one formidable package.

Our team follows a vulnerability through from discovery and exploitation, through to the detection and mitigation capabilities of your security architecture.
The following components are key areas of the Red Teaming service:

  • Threat Intelligence: our OSINT service fingerprints an organization to detect leaked information and potential weak points
  • Technical Knowledge: our penetration testing specialists find flaws in your infrastructure and applications
  • Human Analysis: our social engineering services simulate (spear) phishing scenarios as well as physical entry to your facilities
  • Physical Analysis: we will assess your site security from the perspective of on site attacks
  • Enriched reporting, trending, and dashboards
The exercises can be complimented with:
  • Purple Team facilitation
  • Blue Team defense assistance​

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