Blockchain Security Analysis

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies are the future of many industries. They are already starting to put pressure on many established companies and are driving new innovation. They are however highly targeted for attack and can ruin both a company and investors if that attack is successful.

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Why It’s Important

Code will always have defects and vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are being highly targeted with cryptocurrencies due to the huge windfalls that hackers can gain from a successful attack. Code should be thoroughly checked to protect the company, its investors, and coin holders.​

What We Offer

Digital Warfare has in-depth experience in blockchain security audits, symbolic testing, and concolic testing.

We can conduct security fuzzing and test for a wide range of smart contract vulnerabilities such as:

  • Integer Overflow and Underflow
  • Reentrancy
  • Timestamp Dependence
  • DoS with (Unexpected) revert
  • Block Gas Limit Bug
  • Unexpected Ether balance
  • Incorrect Inheritance Order
  • Infinitive loops
  • SafeMath Gas Trap
  • etc.

Digital Warfare utilizes full-fledged security frameworks for performing security testing, and exploiting solidity source-code and the EVM bytecode in the EVM.

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