Expert Witness

In many cybercrime cases, the ruling comes down to how technical evidence is explained to attorneys, judges and juries and the reputation of the expert giving the explanation.

Digital Warfare's analysts are all experts known for their knowledge and experience in cybersecurity. They are able to act as expert witnesses who can effectively explain complex terms in a simple to understand way that people can understand and relate to.

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Why It’s Important

Cybercrime, breaches and hacks are constantly occurring and are on the rise. The cost of these cyber breaches and the number of successful breaches continue to increase. Once these have been investigated and forensics has taken place you need an expert witness that can testify as to what exactly has occurred.

What We Offer

Digital Warfare's analysts are experienced in:
  • Expert reports
  • Deposition
  • Testifying
  • Technical advising
  • Witness preparation
  • Digital Warfare's expertise is pivotal in a diverse set of cases, including patent infringement, invalidity and damages, security due diligence, and false claims and filings).

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