Digital Warfare's forensics experts have led and handled numerous incident response teams helping businesses to discover and remove threats with professionalism, precision and discretion.

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You must have heard so many times in the news that a company has been hacked, or data breaches happened or a company’s computer network has been infiltrated by cyber criminals. The actions taken in order to limit the damage or prevent any future hacks is called “Incident Response“. Taking early action is critical to limit the damage caused by an attack.

What We Offer

The Incident Response Team:
  • Educates employees on how to use IT resources and conduct themselves in the aftermath of the IT security breach.
  • Appoints a computer forensics expert who will identify all the aspects of the breach (why and how it happened).
  • Deciphers what must be done to limit the damage and how to prevent it in future by devising and implementing a detailed action plan

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